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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hey Dude! Is that my langoustine ravioli?

More reasons to love Paris:

5. dead king's heads in the Musee du Moyen Age (Medieval Museum)

6.   walking through streets forever trying to find the aforementioned Musee and one crosses the street into Luxembourg Garden

flowers in Luxembourg Garden

7. sitting down at lunch  at Le Comptoir with complete strangers and getting invited to visit them in New Zealand

8. on Rue de Bourgogne (very short street) there is a wonderful little hotel AND a bar called Club des Poetes (Poet's Club)---did you all get that??? My street had a Poet's Club!!!

9. this representational portrait (very unusual for the time--most art was religious) in the Musee du Moyen Age, which became my favorite photo from this trip so far

10. the last macaron

p.s.  Paris doesn't suck at all if you greet everyone you meet politely and show that you appreciate what is around you. I was treated beautifully and everyone made little jokes with me. Maybe at me too, but I didn't know!I tried to speak French whenever I could--which was not much. I ate by myself in nice restaurants and got great service and nice seats. What really cracked me up is that I come from a little town in central Washington state where it is notoriously hard to get dates---and I hadn't even made it off the subway before I got hit on by "Emil." I had slept in my clothes all night, had chocolate gateau smeared on my jeans and my greasy hair was hanging in my face. Emil showed me how to find the Magenta line to the Haussman station, told me he liked Obama and asked me if I wanted to go sightseeing with him. I said Non, but thank you (I have a sweet boyfriend) and he said in perfect English: "You are very welcome. It was nice to talk to you. Obama is better than George Bush."


  1. You totally make me laugh. Where will your food end up next? I can't wait!

  2. Come on. You know that all you need to do for a date (or two...) is go for a jog at the CWU rec center....