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Welcome to Poetry Is Cool Part Trois! I am currently writing about poetry, inter-disciplinary and collaborative projects, art, books, food and running from Ellensburg, WA--the next phase of my blogging experiment. This blog began when I was writing a poem a day during National Poetry Month in 2010. Some days you will find new photos and posts, sometimes a new link that interests me, sometimes there will be a new "French" sentence---I have a new goal of blogging at least once per week. I am always interested to hear from you. Say hello!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Respite in the Catskills

I've come to the end of my nearly week-long visit with my friends Mark and James. They live in an 18th century farmhouse in the Hudson Valley with chickens, bees and cats. I was so relaxed I don't even remember what we did during my stay.

I finished my sock project for February!

I made James a weird little bird to go with Mark's.

Here are the two cats: Ursula

and Gretchen!

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